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Aly Goodwin Gregg

I'm Aly.  With Mandy, I’m a regular Business Uplifted Podcast co-host, so if you’ve tuned in, you may know a little about me already.  You may not know, though, that I’m a lover of journals, old school stationary, cursive writing, swatch watches, and bad movies (you know, the ones that the critics globally pan).

During my two decades in marketing and public relations, I’ve helped hundreds of organizations and leaders to communicate more effectively.  I’ve assisted clients with spokesperson training, public speaking, crisis communications, public relations, event planning, national media relations, message development and strategic planning.  I’ve worked for large publicly traded companies, small public companies, privately-held companies, government, and high-profile individual clients.  I’ve also launched and led small marketing and communications consulting agency businesses.  I’ve been fortunate to assist clients in a broad range of sectors, including banking and finance, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and professional services, among others.  

As I’ve worked across sectors and businesses, being a part of shaping and witnessing the amazing power of communications – both internal and external – led me to launch GuardianBridge and our Business Uplifted initiative.  My goal for my next decade of work is to help you – as a change agent – to envision, communicate, implement & manage the elevation of your team & business to new levels of success.

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