About Beth Bossio

I'm Beth.  Depending on who you talk to, I’m either part of Gen X or a Millennial, which would explain why I’m equally comfortable citing obscure lines from TV shows like Friends (or Seinfeld) and composing SnapChat stories.

I enjoy finding and creating the beauty in life with great people – from capturing a panorama of my family’s tree farm on a crisp morning to creating some of the fun videos and content for Business Uplifted and from making great memories with friends over food and wine to making up my own new words (which I’ve enjoyed since I was young even though I can’t rap).

I’ve spent most of my working life in closely-held family businesses (some owned by my family and some owned by colleagues who have become like family) in sectors ranging from real estate to restaurants and from farming to vocational training. In addition, I’ve been known to dabble in social media for political campaigns and to do a few guest appearances in TV commercials for friends (and, please, don’t try to find these clips on YouTube).

Becoming a co-visionary for Business Uplifted was a logical progression for me. With our Business Uplifted team, I want to help you envision and implement beautiful and bold visions for your team and your business to achieve new levels of success

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