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Patrick Esposito

I'm Patrick.  Like many of you, I’m still trying to find my true career calling.  An insatiable interest in new things has led to a resume that evolves, rather than follows a step-by-step progression, with a continual pursuit of new challenges and opportunities.

Not long after becoming an attorney, I embarked on a public service career before deciding that I lacked the requisite patience for that vocation.  Then, I did my first major career pivot and launched a couple of technology start-ups, which I led (with ups and downs) from founding to acquisition by multinational companies.  After assisting with post-acquisition transitions, I joined a fast-growing public company to support organizational growth and infrastructure development.

Since I’m a believer in people, I decided that the next chapter should be about working with people who want to make things better.  So, with great partners, I’ve launched a few other businesses with visions of creating positive change, ranging from eliminating food waste to creating efficiency in government procurement systems and from helping to diversify regional economies and small business revenues to what we do at GuardianBridge and Business Uplifted – help you envision, implement & manage the elevation of your team & business to new levels of success.

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