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I’m Mandy. The earthy, soulful (woo-woo) one of the Business Uplifted team. After 20 years in Corporate Management, I said goodbye to the suits and devoted my days to growing businesses with Kirk Curry. First launching Healthy Kids Inc. and then Start A Garden just a few years later.   I’m a dreamer and have always had a rather introspective view of life and my experiences from corporate and entrepreneurship.

I love to speak, train, and solve problems that get in the way of us being the best possible version of ourselves that we can be. I can talk for days about engagement, entrepreneurship, and self mastery - but can’t hold a conversation about pop culture, current events, or movie released after 2005 (and I'm tested on this often if you catch our Podcasts).

Life to me is about having the freedom to be creative and inspire others. It’s also about learning and growing as a person and constantly challenging the status quo - and then helping others (including our two boys) to see life through a different lens.

It’s about a business and life uplifted. And I’ve learned that there’s a lot to unlearn.

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