About Us

Our Approach

Business Uplifted – an initiative of GuardianBridge – provides programs and solutions to reimagine and reinvent the way that you work to inspire the creation of meaningful, fulfilling, and engaging workplaces.

At Business Uplifted, we believe in you and your team! We believe that if you Rethink, Reset, and Renew the way that you work, you will to create meaningful, fulfilling, and engaging workplaces for you and your team!

To start the process, we help you Rethink by looking at problems through a different lens – with new questions and approaches. Then, we help you Reset by using ideas from your work to Rethink to identify the things you want to change and prioritize those changes. Finally, we help you to Renew by creating an action plan and timeline based upon your work to Rethink and Reset.

Who Are We?

We believe in you because we've walked in your shoes.

     We've started businesses.  We've scaled businesses.

     We've sold businesses.  We've reorganized businesses.

     We've managed businesses.  We've been led by others.

     We've joined the corporate world.  We've left the corporate world.

Now, we are ready to walk with you on the journey to empower you and team members to create new levels of success.

Meet the Team

Aly Gregg

Swatch-Watch Fanatic

Mandy Curry

Kombucha Lover

Kirk Curry

Pure Techie

Beth Bossio

All Things Creative

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